You don’t have to offset all of your energy usage to reduce your carbon footprint. A few steps, along with a solar PV system, can begin your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle for your family.

Eastside Sustainability

Inspired by an extended stay in Denmark, these Bellevue homeowners decided it was time to do their part in moving toward a sustainable lifestyle. They stepped up their conservation efforts across the board, even retiring one of their vehicles in exchange for regular bicycle and public transportation use. They also decided to make solar energy their home’s primary power source. They chose SunPower solar panels because of their high efficiency and due to the clean aesthetic of the modules, given their home’s visibility within the neighborhood. They wanted to inspire their neighbors to go solar, and many of them have followed their lead.

Homesteading Life

For Nick and Erica Strauss, sustainability was already a primary focus of their lives. Their homesteading and gardening blog, Northwest Edible Life, is a must-read for Northwest sustainability enthusiasts. In 2014, they decided to add solar to their home and set goals to reduce their “ridiculous electrical use as much as possible.” Their 5.9 kW system and other conservation efforts meant they offset almost three quarters of their usage. To learn more about how they transformed their energy consumption, visit the Northwest Edible Life blog.